A Guide to Use Microcurrent Facial Toning Device at Home

A Guide to Use Microcurrent Facial Toning Device at Home

Microcurrent facial machine

Microcurrent facial toning is like a gym workout for your face. Like gym workout sessions help other parts of the body to stay fit, the microcurrent sessions keep the face fit.

Also known as a non-invasive facelift, the microcurrent facial toning introduces a low-grade electrical current delivered through a small machine onto the face muscles. The current stimulates the facial muscles to lift and sculpt the face. The process also brings firmness to the skin and stimulates collagen growth.

Preferably, we recommend visiting professionals for microcurrent facial toning. But, every time it isn’t possible. So, you should get a microcurrent facial toning device and complete the process at home.

In this post, we will discuss the tips to use the microcurrent device safely and properly at home.  

You should be consistent in your microcurrent routine 

Just like you cannot skip your gym, you shouldn’t skip your microcurrent facial toning routine. You should be consistent to enjoy long-term results. If you break your routine, you will waste all your efforts and damage your skin poorly. The frequency of using a microcurrent facial device depends on the brand you are using and the result you are expecting. You should check the details defined by the manufacturer for the right usage.

You should use the right primer 

Without using a primer, microcurrent facial toning won’t be comfortable. It’s because microcurrent waves penetrate the skin and reach the muscle, giving a feeling of being zapped. It will neither hurt you nor impact the result of the process; you will not feel good. The best is to use a water-based conductive primer. Sometimes, the device manufacturers carry their gel, which enhances the performance of the device. So, you should prefer using the same.

You should use the device at the right time in your skin routine 

If your face demands regular use of the microcurrent facial toning device for better results, you should use it at the right time in your skin routine. The microcurrent device is neither used at the starting nor the end of the skincare routine. The best time to use is after washing your face, whether you do it in the morning or evening. Before using the device, you should apply your conductive gel.

One important tip:

When using a microcurrent facial toning device at home, you should go slowly. You should follow the steps defined by the manufacturer and shouldn’t exceed the number of users in a day. Just like other things, excessive use of microcurrent devices can damage your skin.

Who should use a microcurrent device at home?

Anyone over 18years can use the device at home. But if you can wait, we recommend using the device in the late 20s or early 30s because the skin’s metabolism starts to slow down at this point. Due to slower metabolism, there is less risk of overstimulating your skin. Also, at this age, microcurrent facial will prevent aging treatments.

Microcurrent facial toning can do miracles, but only if it is done properly, taking all the precautions. If you have any queries related to the process, you should seek help from professionals.