Frequently Asked Questions Related To Microcurrent Facial Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Microcurrent Facial Treatment

People fear aging, especially when it starts showing on the skin and affects the overall personality. They get wrinkles, scars, dark circles, fine lines, and what not!! These problems leave the skin sagging and take away the youthfulness forever.

It’s decent to accept aging at the right time but not if it starts before that. Years ago, aging was never a topic for discussion because there were no treatments available for it and people considered the factors of aging as normal. But today, things have changed and experts have come up with many skin care treatments. The latest one amongst them is Microcurrent Facial Treatment.

It’s an Anti-Aging Microcurrent Treatment that uses gentle electrical stimulation to activate the body’s natural healing process. The treatment is a safe and effective non-invasive technology that reduces sagging, improves fine lines and wrinkles.

To date, microcurrent facial treatment has given amazing results with not so known side-effects. But still, several questions are there in the minds of people before opting for the procedure. In this post, we have answered a few frequently asked questions related to Microcurrent Facial Treatment so that things become easy for you.

What happens during microcurrent facial treatment?

The process starts just like normal typical facia, which includes cleansing, toning, and exfoliating. Once these steps are complete, the experts apply serum-based which is used as a conductor to precede the process. Next, a device is used to discharge both positive and negative microcurrents. You will the vibration with the movement of the device.

How many sessions are needed for the treatment?

The number or frequency of sessions depends on the condition of your skin, muscles, and age. Usually, a series of 10-15 treatments are required twice a week to obtain maximum results, along with regular monthly maintenance sessions.

Your skincare specialist will check your health condition and other details to determine the number of sessions and frequency. You can even repeat the treatment after years if you find results are deteriorating.

How long does the treatment take?

Similar to the number of sessions, the duration of the treatment depends on many factors. Generally, the treatment takes 15 to 60 minutes based on the area being treated. If the area is large, the time might go beyond 60 minutes.

Is microcurrent facial treatment painful?

From a general perspective, the treatment is painless; rest it depends on your tolerance level. In most cases, the treatment is sub-sensory and people find it quite relaxing. Though it’s a treatment, people take it as pampering sessions.

What and when can I expect results from microcurrent facial?

With the impact of microcurrent devices on a cellular level, you will get better and clear looking skin within 24 hours of the treatment. You do not have to wait for long as you will be party-ready.

Is it possible to do it at home?

Though the Microcurrent Machine is available in the market, we advise getting it done from a trusted certified practitioner. It’s because even the machine is moved strategically on the skin, which is not possible without the right knowledge and practice. You might harm your skin.

As you have got the answers to the frequently asked questions related to Microcurrent Facial Treatment, we hope you won’t any problem while getting it done in the future.

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