Scared of Needles but Wish to Restore Your Youth? If Yes, Try Microcurrent Facial!

Scared of Needles but Wish to Restore Your Youth? If Yes, Try Microcurrent Facial!

Microcurrent Facelift Machine

Getting a facelift is trending these days. Various treatments are available in the market to get a facelift. However, the only way where you don’t have to worry about scalpel and needles is microcurrent facial. Are you intrigued? Let’s learn more about it.

Microcurrent Facial – A Painless Procedure to Get Younger Skin

Microcurrent facial is fast becoming a popular way to get a natural facelift. In this treatment, a small value current is passed into your skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production. This treatment is completely painless and non-invasive. It is a great way to exercise your muscles and retrain them to achieve a more contoured and chiseled appearance.

Though this amazing innovative technology is here since the 1970s for muscle retraining purposes in patients with certain conditions, now it is gaining huge traction among women to get a youthful appearance and turn back time.

During the procedure, a Microcurrent Facelift Machine is used to generate and pass electrical micro-currents in your face that helps in retraining your muscles. The procedure results in a firmer and more lifted appearance with defined jawline and cheekbones and youthful glow. Plus, it works well for your neck, face, eyes, eyebrows, and forehead.

Microcurrent Facials – Are They Better than Botox?

Botulinum Toxin Type A, famously known as Botox, is also a quick way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It works by temporarily paralyzing the muscle below the skin. Not only do people have to use needles to inject this cosmetic compound but they also have to splurge. Botox is an expensive product and its effects last for only three to four months.

On the other hand, Microcurrent Facials are procedures heal you from the inside. As mentioned above, the micro-currents released by the machine stimulate the production of two beneficial compounds called collagen and elastin. These two compounds are known to provide age-defying benefits. You don’t have to inject any chemical into your face or any part of your body. You start seeing results right from the first procedure; however, to get optimum results, you also need to attend follow-up sessions. When you undergo microcurrent facials regularly, you can keep your skin rejuvenated for a long time.

Microcurrent facials often result in numerous advantages, such as reduced puffiness around your eyes, no more crow’s feet, lifted eyelids and brows, toned and firm facial skin, and much more. Besides, it also helps in improving lymphatic drainage, reducing scars due to increased collagen production, and boosting circulation.

Using Botox regularly can have severe long-term side-effects, such as loss of muscle control and paralysis. However, microcurrent technology has been around for several decades in treatments that involve physical therapy. So, yes, microcurrent facials are safe unless you are someone with pacemakers, metal implants, or severe acne.

No matter if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s, you can enjoy significant age-slowing benefits with microcurrent facials. What’s more, you can also buy Microcurrent Facelift Machine for DIY microcurrent facials. This will not only help you restore your own beauty but also allow other family members who wish to look younger than they are. Plus, you can also use it as a money-making strategy and help other people in your locality and nearby areas look younger.

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