Which one to choose-Radiofrequency or Microcurrent?

Wedges or flats heels? Louis Vuitton or Chanel? Radiofrequency or Micro-current? These are some questions that can easily divide guests in a blink of an eye. But the question here is whether it is all about personal preference, or is there something else? Well, it would be hard for us to comment on someone’s personal fashion statement, but we surely can shed some light on which is the apt skin-tightening treatment for you. Yeah, we certainly can! On the off chance, if you are baffled when it comes to choosing between the radiofrequency and microcurrent, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will try to cover the maximum differences between two skincare experts- microcurrent facelift and radiofrequency. So, keep reading. 

  • The Difference: When it comes to radiofrequency, it is utilized for stimulating collagen product and help in re-building a youthful look on an individual’s face and body. RF does this by interacting with key skin tissues as well as cells by producing kinetic heat, this then helps the skin in developing new collagen fibers and natural skin plumping and hydrating agent known as hyaluronic acid. Whereas microcurrent treatment focuses more on strengthening and toning the facial muscles underneath the skin. Thusly, this expands cellular metabolism. Both- be it a radio frequency as well as skin expert- microcurrent facelift treatment gives a smooth complexion if used by a well-versed cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. But which is apt for you? Keep reading! 
  • The Care: While skincare expert- microcurrent facelift treatments are basically used for targeting the facial muscles, radiofrequency can possess a multi-pronged use. The RF swiftly stimulates the inner layers of the skin and helps in stimulating new collagen. In addition to this, hi-tech professional radiofrequency frameworks can be utilized aggressively for resurfacing the surface layers of the skin. Some highly advanced radiofrequency systems can use handpieces with top-quality needles to give the radiofrequency in an intense way to restore every layer of the skin. Needless to say, this sort of stimulation helps in fighting against the cellulite signs as well as in giving loose skin a tightened look.
  • The Agony: No matter whether it is radiofrequency treatment or micro-current facelift when it comes to pain, neither is painful. RF waves are tiny electric currents that help in creating heat, to be precise; for some people, this treatment can feel like e relaxing hot stone massage. However, some intense treatments can cause little pain, but trust us, none of them creates any unpleasant circumstances.
  • The Effectiveness: Both are highly effective. Those who are looking to slow down the natural skin aging process can go with a microcurrent facelift. While radiofrequency treatment highly focuses on repairing and prolonging skin- making it tighter, firmer, and plumper, and on top of everything, helps in eliminating wrinkles. 

So, these were some basic yet crucial differences between radiofrequency treatment and microcurrent. However, both are absolutely safe on the skin. You can combine both or can go with any one of them.